I have drunk far too much over the last three days. It must stop.

I had a lovely night with CK, Susananda and various other yogis on Saturday night. Not a massive night, but I got home late enough that when I got up at 7 on Sunday morning and saw that the weather was grey and rainy, I decided to slack off and didn’t go to practice.

It was nice to have a lazy Sunday morning; that was followed by a heavily boozy lunch. Arrived at the pub at just gone 12 then finally staggered out at 7pm, having drunk rather a lot of red wine. I followed that with 2 cups of tea to try and sober up a bit. It worked but also kept me awake half of the night.

I was up bright and early this morning, but had a feeling that the exertion of practicing might cause my toxic self to collapse, so early in to work instead. Some yin yoga would be nice. Maybe this evening?