This is not good. I am overloaded with work. I NEED to find a way around this. Increase my concentration span or something. I seriously don’t mess around all day when I am in the office, but I am just not getting through my work quickly enough, especially not the work that needs me to sit and think for more than 30 minute spells at a time. URGH

Anyway, it’s not so bad today as I haven’t been here THAT long. I got here at 4, but should really have been here earlier, but got sidetracked shopping. I had already decided I needed some new winter clothes as yesterday it suddenly got really cold, so I set out today to buy some boots. As usual I start my quest looking at ones I like, but finish off buying the only pair that fit. My calves are so thin, most ‘normal’ sized boots look like wellingtons when I put them on. I wanted something like these but ended up with a much plainer pair…. 😦
I also ended up with three jumpers and a pair of jeans (24th pair).

This evening I am meeting up with Susananda and CK at a bar quite near the office, which will be fun. We both want to make practice in the morning, so shouldn’t have too much to drink….

And practice; I didn’t go on Thursday, a mild hangover and too much work to do were my excuses. I had a nice practice on Friday, particularly as the shala was quiet 🙂

Right, must use this last hour in the office constructively!