I seem to be mega busy at the moment and not managing to write about practice. Anyway, I am having a slothful moment so will take a break from my lovely work to write a little.

More super busy-ness at the shala yesterday – 9 people waiting when I arrived. It did clear reasonably quickly so I only had a 20 minute wait. The whole shala was really squashed up though and I was virtually practicing in the mat cupboard, which was slightly annoying as people kept having to clamber around me to get mats in/out.

Yesterday was my first practice for 4 days, so it had the usual fluidity about it, strong happy muscles. Strangely though, my calves felt tight, and not my hamstrings. Today though, no problems with calves, but slight stiff hamstrings… what is that about?

Other than the slight stiffness, practice today was OK, and I didn’t have to wait. I have been getting some really nice Supta K adjusts from M. I can bind my hands on my own, but when M does her adjustment she takes my arms much further up my back which results in a much better bind, then lifts my legs and crosses my ankles; it is quite a similar adjust to Kino’s and it seems to stretch into the back of the hamstrings more than doing the cross over on the floor.

Backbending is getting better, and I am being spurred on by H’s positive attitude to them. I have been doing my half bends unsupported and now that I am able to see the back of my mat when I am doing them, he says I am going to have to start doing the halves with my arms extended – to make it difficult again!

I have also been following a Kino tactic with my urdva danursana, when I push up I am engaging all of the muscles that I think I will need to use in order to stand up (even though I can’t) so am hopefully strengthening them little by little. Dropping back is always going to be easier than coming back up, I would imagine, so I need to get working on the standing!