I seem to have not managed to write since Wednesday – I have been pretty busy, at work and choir so I haven’t really had time to write. Thursday practice was like the great ashtanga race, I waited near enough half an hour to start but had to be at work and ready for action by 9.30. I managed to fit all of primary into 55 minutes, but it was fast and un-relaxing. I have trouble speeding up my practice and still managing to pace it. I know if I get to the shala at the usual time, start right away and then do everything at my optimum pace then I get to work on time. As soon as I know I am under time pressure I speed up far too much. As I am too shortsighted to see the clock when practicing, so I can’t time check at all during practice.

I didn’t practice yesterday, I still didn’t feel that great and knew I had shed loads to do at work, including a morning doing staff appraisals, which meant no actual work was going to get done! I broke the no coffee rule and had a latte in the morning, and didn’t end up with a headache. I can’t really come to any conclusions from that as I also had 8 hours sleep and didn’t do yoga… could have been any of those! In the afternoon we were all supposed to be going bowling as part of our office (late) summer party. I organised it after being inspired by Susan’s office trip to the same place. Unfortunately, 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave the office, a client called with a list of things he wanted done before the end of the day, so there was nothing I could do but stay on at work and finish them, and hence, I missed the bowling. 😦 I did make it out for food and drinks after, so it could have been worse.

I was up early this morning for rehearsal then spent 6.5 hours in the office. I don’t really mind being there at the weekend as it is quiet and I can get on with stuff without being interrupted. I organised some bits and pieces and got quite a lot of work done, but really didn’t even break the back of the things that I wanted to make headway on. I can put in another 6.5 hours tomorrow too between rehearsal and the concert, so hopefully I will make some more progress.

At the moment I am in two minds about tomorrow morning. I need to be onstage for rehearsal at 10, and can’t decide if I should try and fit in practice too. Having missed Friday and having moonday on Monday, I really want to. I could leave here at 7, practice 7.30 – 9.00 then go to rehearsal, problem is that there isn’t anywhere I can shower. I know it isn’t too awful if I shower beforehand but I end up with horrible hair etc. Putting up with that all day and for the concert is a bit much. Due to a long standing plumbing problem, we don’t have any running hot water in our office (or a shower!) so I can’t even have a wash. The gym where I shower on weekdays isn’t open on Sundays either. I could get up and practice at home, but it isn’t quite the same. Probably it’s best just to get 10 hours of sleep! I think I need it!

I have booked the day off on Monday so hopefully can lie-in then. I may have to go into the office anyway at some point as there are various bits related to my client’s Friday frenzy that still need to be tied up – he is in Chicago though so I don’t need to deal with him until lunchtime… really, I want to lie in, slob around at home, go to a vinyasa class then go dancing in the evening… work, don’t you just love it…?