Ugh, I’ve got the 11am headache again so am infusing with a second chai… a cup of chai seems to have a third of the amount of caffeine in it as a filter coffee… small steps! The online advice says it could take up to 9 days to stop feeling headachy and tired. They suggest you sleep more – how nice that would be.

Well, I did sleep more last night, half an hour more, after my alarm had gone off. I then zoomed out to the shala and managed to get there in reasonably good time. There wasn’t a queue today so I probably ended up starting at about the same time as I did the last two days. I put in my full practice too, although at an accelerated pace to normal. My hasty departures over the last two mornings had not gone unnoticed! Believe me, I would much rather spend more time at yoga and less time at work, but unfortunately my workload doesn’t allow….

I can’t think of anything even remotely interesting to say about practice!