It’s day two without coffee and I am feeling lousy. I am sure I posted much the same thing a couple of weeks ago when I tried for caffeine reduction. It gets to 11am and I have a gnawing headache. Not so bad to really trouble me, but it’s just there, in the background, being annoying.

It was another busy day at the shala; I waited 15 mins or so to start so didn’t have time for my full practice. I stopped this time after gaba pindasana, which comes AFTER supta kurmasana πŸ˜€ My spine still didn’t really appreciate stopping at that point, but really the poses after that are a bit silly so I don’t mind too much if I miss them out! I’m happy not to have done baddha konasana for a while too and my sciatic pain has gone away again.

Annoyingly, I am now getting a sore throat. I had a week of feeling generally tired, then a week off practice with a nasty, evil cold, and now my throat hurts. Bloody Autumn. I am singing relentlessly for the next few days as we have concerts on Sunday and Tuesday. Thank god Monday is moon day, I will need a lie in by then, 9 am rehearsals on the weekend are totally unfair! I have booked Monday as a day off, I just don’t think I can cope with another week without some kind of break in the interim. Maybe I’ll find the time to read a newspaper then too!