…. it’s a miracle that I made it to the shala this morning. My alarm went off and I lay there wondering if I should go. My hamstrings had started to hurt before I went to bed, then I wasn’t able to get to sleep – all that blasted coffee!! I then woke at about 2am feeing awful, so when my alarm went off, I just wanted to get back to sleep. Something about the fact that I didn’t practice at all last week made me think ‘what difference will one more day make?‘ on top of that I have had a crazy work day with meetings and clients and deadlines to worry about. But, in the end, I did get out of bed and drag myself to the shala, a bit earlier than usual too, due to the workload. Of course, when I got there it was busy, busy, busy and I had to wait for a space. I sat and did some preparatory reading for my meeting, so I suppose the time wasn’t wasted. It did mean that I couldn’t fit in my whole practice. I slogged through with my sore hamstrings until Baddha K, then finished up. I find that doing baddha K but not gabha P afterwards leaves my spine feeling very bizarre, possibly more so than back bending!

So, after yesterdays caffeine buzz I decided today that I am going to try and cut out coffee, so far so good, but I am on my third cup of chai – which is probably just as bad, although I drink it black, so there aren’t the milk calories in it!

I think I have a tendency to get dehydrated over the weekend. Most Fridays and many Saturdays invovle consuming a few drinks. I then get up on Sunday morning and sweat away at the shala and then just drink coffee all day. By the time I finish my dance class I am gasping for fluid and have been known to down two pints of water. So, as well as no coffee, I am going to try and drink sensible quantities of water over the weekend.

Hopefully practice tomorrow will be back to normal. I have no plans to go dancing tonight, so it is most likely just to be a late one at work then bed!! I am only having my first break of the day now 5.30pm, so have stuffed my face with a bean and feta salad from Paul and a chocolate and almond croissant which would have been nicer about 9 hours ago, but was nonetheless divine.

So now, onward with work – yawn!