I’ve generally had a nice day, but it’s got to the time where I start to feel a bit panicky as the weekend is almost over and I don’t have enough time left to do everything I want to do.

To do:
Tidy up the flat (total mess, stuff all over the place)
Do some prep for a meeting tomorrow which I won’t have time to do in the office
Actually read the Sunday paper I bought 9 hours ago
Go dancing
Get everything ready for tomorrow morning
Write this!

I went to the shala this morning, my first practice in a week. It was fine and relaxed, nothing special! Came home, messed around on the internet looking for KISW, without success (well, success isn’t really the right word, but I can’t come up with anything better now). Question: why do people happily e mail me but never actually suggesting meeting up? Am I supposed to do it? I don’t want to be in charge all of the time. I spend most of my days doing stuff for clients, making their decisions, keeping my staff happy, being a partner in a small business… is it too much to ask for someone to arrange a date? Well, obviously it is! Right, that diverted from the course of my blog post for a moment there!

Um, what else – As V wasn’t at practice I went for brunch with friends in Hammersmith, it was lovely to sit outside gossiping, reading the papers (well I looked at the pictures in the Style section) and have lovely food. I had two large coffees – Lola & Simon have the very nicest coffee in West London!- but I still feel a bit buzzy from the caffeine. I then ambled to the shops. I am back on Mac, and also seem to have lost my MP3 player, so I was quite open minded to buying an iPod. I have avoided ipod in the past because most of my music is in wma format and the thought of re-purchasing / burning CDs is awful (about 16GB worth!). Anyway, I went into two different electrical stores and nobody wanted to serve me at all – I was the perfect customer and would have bought something, if only they had bothered to try and make a sale. Oh well, their loss. I’ll probably buy online instead.

So, now I have exactly 1 hour to complete my chores before dancing, so I suppose I had better go….

Happy Sunday πŸ˜€