I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night…. this weekend has gone so fast. (Nothing to do with wasting most of Saturday slobbing around with a hangover…?)

I haven’t posted since Thursday either. I practised on Friday but can’t remember anything to say about it at all. Friday night was my yogi night out with Susan and our mutual friend K. It was great fun, Susan and I started out at Gordon’s, where we didn’t have cheese, but another time we ought to because their bread and cheese is the best, especially when accompanied by fine wine. Gordon’s is a beautiful, grotty English wine bar, set underground with amazing little vaults all lit by candles. As it was actually a nice evening, we sat outside, but the vaults are great too.

We then went to the Buddha bar where we drank rather expensive cocktails and ate sushi. Strangely the cocktails didn’t seem that strong, but I guess the Vodka Martinis were, and hence my hang over! Susan and I need to sort the bill out as I came back with more money than I was expecting!! We had fun though and I got chatted up by a slightly arrogant but none-the-less amusing lawyer, who I was introduced to purely because I am a lawyer (of sorts) too. My brother makes a habit of pretending he is not a lawyer when he is out and about… perhaps that is wise!

Yesterday I slobbed out for most of the day feeling a little sorry for myself – binge drinking doesn’t suit me!! I drink nothing for a fortnight then drink my weekly allowance in one evening – so bloody British! In the evenign I wanted to watch rubbish TV and do my nails (was too hung over to venture out for the inteded pedicure). I don’t have a TV so have to rely on internet streaming, but my connection was playing up so I ended up watching my Kino DVD which I have had sitting around since the Dublin trip. It was very good and inspired me (not that I really needed inspiration) to go to practice this morning.

It was a nice practice, busy in the shala for a Sunday, most likely due to the moonday tomorrow). L works me hard in backbend, but god does it hurt! Slowly, slowly…. I still haven’t managed that Bikram class – Susan, you will have to drag me there at some point! I had coffee after practice with V and some other shala people, then went off to the Kings road for lunch and shopping. The shopping was unsuccessful on all counts, and nothing was bought at all. Possibly a success for me, as I buy far too much….

This evening I have had fun dancing, and indulged in staying out until 11pm as it is moon day tomorrow. I have a busy day tomorrow, work, a lunch with some of the ladies from the office, then entertaining a client after work, who I am hoping to escape from in time to go dancing again! The new dancing dress arrived on Friday, so it will get its first outing.

And now, I must tidy up my flat and go to bed…. and wish that next weekend rolls in quickly!