I am really pleased because I got out of bed this morning and didn’t feel totally drained of energy. I was thus able to actually enjoy a regular practice, none of this half hearted stuff. I did all 10 Surya namaskar and proper jump backs rather than the sloppy put hands in front of feet then jump back malarkey.

My back bending was a bit better today, from the increased energy levels, I suppose. My spine is still a bit tender, again, not particular pain, although it feels a bit creaky when I get up!

Since reading Carl’s recent post on pelvic motility I have been thinking about who tight my hips are and have been experimenting with them whilst walking around. Generally, when I am walking, and actually now whilst I am sitting, I automatically engage muscles around my core. I’m not sure if this is all part of good posture, or if it I am over tense. I think this probably effects my back bend as I am not very good at keeping the core muscles at the front of my body engaged whilst letting go the muscles in my back. This got me to thinking about how much trouble I have when activating any set of muscles not to activate another set too. When I sing, I can’t engage the muscles that I need vocally without also activating my forehead (need botox?). When I forward bend I can’t relax my shoulders. When I try to do nauli I can’t isolate the rectus abdominis without also engaging the obliques. It’s as though my brain can’t work out through which neurons I need to fire signals to achieve the desired results! I suppose there is a whole other post I could write about all that!

So, it’s NEARLY the weekend. Tomorrow night I am going out with Susan(anada) and another friend of mine from TT, who I recently discovered is also a friend of Susan’s. I am sure we will get up to lots of yogic activities like discussing asana and doing pranayama, not drinking cocktails ;).