I should start working, but will blog quickly first….

Practice felt sluggish again this morning, it’s been a real effort this week, both mentally and physically. This slump feels so frustrating after having had a couple of weeks of feeling strong, flexible and optimistic. I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed again this morning, I hate dark mornings…. you can’t satisfy me though; in the winter I hate getting up in the dark, in the summer I hate being woken up super early by the sun. I even resort to doing silly things like taping aluminium foil over the windows to keep the room dark!

Mentally I feel frustrated by my practice. I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere, just bashing through the same thing again and again, getting tighter and weaker. Bah 😦 . I know it will pass, that’s a lesson I have learned with experience from doing the practice for a while. I must confess to finding it demoralising when I see somebody who has only been practising for 6 months ploughing into second when I, after almost 2 years of daily ashtanga practice and another 18 months of a 5x weekly vinyasa practice before that cannot seem to be able to get my spine to bend backwards after 9 months of trying.

Well, I’ll stop grumping now, find some more coffee and try and get on with work. Although there are scaffolders outside my window who are making a LOT of noise, which makes it hard to concentrate…