Well, there is nothing interesting or educational to said here today! Thank god it’s Friday, really!

Practice was good this morning and my back is still feeling bendy. I am a million miles from standing up from backbend myself, but I am working on it by practising at home.

Seems everybody in my office is sick, which is making me paranoid that I am going to be ill and am looking for symptoms. For now everything seems fine though and I have a cupboard full of various medications at home, collected from countries where you can buy all the OTC stuff without prescription. I WILL NOT GET ILL!

No plans tonight, which for the time being I feel quite comfortable with, although I may change my mind about that in a couple of hours. Lunch with a yoga friend tomorrow and then dancing in the evening. If I’m not too late back on Saturday I’ll go to the shala on Sunday. I realised the other day that I have got really good and not missing practice, it has just got so super engrained in my routine that I just can’t not go! Anyway, I like Sunday at the shala, so I will try and make it.

And a random thing, I really hate working at a desk, or just sitting on chairs, generally. I spent most of the morning working on the floor in my office. Even at home I never sit on my sofa (£1200 well spent!) as I would rather sprawl out on the carpet. I need to use my computer this afternoon so I am confined to my desk and trying to sit in lotus on a silly office chair.