Everything was in my favour this morning, 8 hours sleep, a nice spot in the shala but after writing about my practice yesterday, neither jump backs nor backbending were that great today. Perhaps I am being hyper critical today, but I seemed to be forever straightening out my rug having pulled it back with my feet. I only cheated on 2 jumpbacks though, which is not too bad considering there are let me see, 26, I think!

The back bending experience is also influenced by who is assisting, nobody is bad, but some are better than others! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Work today is unproductive, I keep finding at the moment that if I have 8 hours sleep I feel terribly drowsy. I also have a slight headache. Maybe it has nothing to do with the sleep at all and is just a result of me not having had a cup of coffee this morning (having one now to make up for it – oh and a cake left over from somebodies birthday yesterday!).

As an entirely unrelated comment, I am forever having bad hair days at the moment. I don’t know what is with my hair? Perhaps it is the damp autumnal weather, but I am totally sick of frizz!