I have had a good weekend so far, but it has been pretty toxic – far too much drinking, just like last weekend… I shall try and have an alcohol free week. Once it stops raining I am going to go and buy some healthy food to sustain me through the week.

On Friday night I had a nice catch up evening with Susan and heard all about her trip to Canada. We enjoyed some fine vodka at the Polish vodka bar 😀 As I like to over-schedule I then went off to have a meal in Hammersmith as a mystery customer, where I had to have a few more drinks – yes, I had to, it was part of my assignment!!!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day in London and I sat in the sunshine with an old friend who I have hardly seen this year. We drank lots of wine, putting the world to rights, then I did some drunk-texting… oops, fortunately the recipient was out of London for the weekend so any consequences were avoided! I went to bed at about 10 with the thought that I might go to practice this morning. I then woke at about 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep for ages, and when I finally woke up this morning it was 9am so too late for practice. I did have lots of strange yoga realted dreams though – that must count for something…

I haven’t done any yoga today and will go dancing later on. Susan managed to convince me that a Bikram class might be good for my backbends – there is bikram in Chiswick so I may try it out next weekend.

The weather in London today is gloomy and horrible and keeps bucketing down with rain. Roll on November when I go to Sri Lanka!