Well, I have tried to write this post twice already and it has either crashed or accidentally closed. Anyway, I try again.

It is distinctly autumnal in London today. Somehow things seemed to have changed since the long weekend, and both last night when I got home from work and this morning when I got up, it was dark. So depressing…. winter is coming!

Practice this morning was great. I am currently completely pain free. No sciatic pain whatsoever thanks to not doing BK and having had a long weekend without yoga. I just love this kind of practice, which I always have after a few days off. Tomorrow will be stiff though, which I am not looking forward to so much. There isn’t really much else to say about practice. My current thing is to keep my legs somewhat behind my head and my ankles crossed whilst coming out of Supta K. This morning H lifted my feet too soon before my hands were in the right place, resulting in total collapse – oops! Backbends are coming. The resting state of my spine is currently slightly tender but not painful.

The battle with IKEA about the cupboard doors is ongoing. They have now told me that it will be 4 more weeks until the matching doors arrive. I went ballistic and am waiting to speak to someone in store rather than in the call centre as they know nothing. I shall be crafting my complaints letter today.