I have lots of nasty work to do, so I shall write on my blog instead!! Two horrible cases are looming and I am not sure I have the answers 😦 It has been a bit like that all week actually, doing the easy stuff to avoid the difficult.

Practice this morning was a fast and sweaty affair. It keeps raining in the morning so the humidity level in the shala seems to be even higher than usual. I looked like I had just done a Bikram class even after the sun sals! Speaking of Bikram, I got an email advertising a workshop with him at the Excel centre (pretty large venue). Tickets for the front section of the room are £125…. bloody expensive if you ask me! I didn’t really feel like practising this morning, or getting out of bed, but as it’s a holiday on Monday and the shala is closed, I won’t get back on the mat till Tuesday, I thought I ought to.

Other work avoidance tactics at the moment include looking for a new flat and planning holidays. I realised that if I get a ground floor flat (I have seen a two bed basement flat for sale) I could have a CAT!!!! [WITH THE FUR!!!!] Holidays are stressing me out as I want to go away at Christmas. My family is sufficiently dysfunctional that Christmas is usually spent trying to please too many different people, so being on holiday is the best option. I want to take three weeks off, in India. Ideally 20 Dec – 10 Jan. But, there is a choir tour to Luxembourg in January, which requires me to be at rehearsals the week of 5th Jan. Ok, so I could move the Christmas holiday forward a week… but I am going to a wedding in Sri Lanka on 29th November, so if I did that, then I would be in Sri Lanka for a week, then back in the office for a week, then fly out to India. Well, that isn’t going to work, not to mention the silliness of paying for the two flights so close to one another. Oh, what to do? The flights are much more expensive than last year, a flight to India has gone up from about £600 to about £1000 – ouch.

Right, I think work avoidance has probably gone on long enough, a colleague has just phoned me and asked me to do something which I can actually do without too much strenuous mental activity….. so I suppose I should do that and make some ££££.

(2 hours till Karaoke Friday officially begins :D)