I managed to set my alarm this morning, so made it to practice – hooray! This week it has been quiet in the shala again, so no queueing, which is nice. Practice was generally good today, enhanced by yesterdays morning off, I expect. Even the slight hangover didn’t bother me too much (the result of a nice meal and quite a bit of wine with my dad!). I still don’t feel like I am making progress with the backbending. At the moment, H doesn’t let me drop right into a backbend that I feel comfortable with, but this seems to make it easier to stand up from. I guess he doesn’t allow my hips to drop as much as they would when I backbend from the floor.

Piriformis isn’t too bad, although I still feel it when I go to sit into BK. Poor DZM got the full force of one of my piriformis rants this morning – sorry!! I don’t expect my story of pain and no real recovery was exactly what she wanted to hear.

I seem to have spent a huge amount of time doing personal admin today. Phoning Ikea again and again to try and get my doors sorted out – they say they are sending me some more, but I am not confident they will match…. anyway, I actually like the brighter white of the new doors, so I am rather hoping that they will have to replace the original ones… we’ll see.

At least tomorrow if Friday and it’s karaoke night too… I’m really, really, really looking forward to it. In fact the whole weekend should be lots of fun. I must just try to avoid hangovers…. oh, and Monday is a holiday too – super long weekend WITH THE FUR!!!!!

afterthought – I somehow managed to give myself a mini-black eye at yoga this morning… have no idea how, I’m sure it wasn’t there when I left home in the morning, but it was when I got to work. Perhpas it was the over vigorous mopping of sweat from my brow?!?!!