After a 4 month wait for my remaining kitchen cupboard doors to arrive from IKEA, they appeared today. Unfortunately, they are a different shade of white to the rest of the kitchen. I am now trying to convince them to send me replacements for all the doors I already had. Angry does not even describe how I am feeling about this. The person on the phone obviously didn’t want to deal with me and told me that someone else would call me back.. GREAT.

Practice was good the benefits of a good nights sleep in my own bed were definitely felt. It was very serene at the shala, which is unusual on a Tuesday. I felt so relaxed after practice that I could have stayed in Savasana for a proper amount of time rather than rush off after about 2 minutes. I managed maybe 5 minutes!

Other than that I feel bloated and unhealthy, I need to do something active (other than yoga). I was going to go dancing but tonight was the second of a series of two classes, of which I missed last weeks class, so didn’t bother.

I have a reasonably quiet week this week, but as tonight is my second night in in a row, I am feeling a bit restless. The weekend with my mother was lovely, but didn’t fulfil my desire for ‘fun’, if that makes sense. I’m having dinner with my dad tomorrow, that may also not constitute ‘fun’ but at least I will be out of the house (in a nice way!). Friday night is Karaoke night – hooray. That will be ‘fun’!!!