….to whinge.

I had a rubbish practice today, body made of lead, arms made of rubber. Everything felt like a massive effort. Yesterday wasn’t much better, despite having turned up early to the shala which was nice and quiet, and taking my time. I shall blame my stiffness on sleeping on the sofa, because it is nice to take the blame away from oneself 😉 My mother has been staying with my since Friday so I have been sleeping on the sofa whilst she sleeps in my bed. I slept OK Friday and Saturday night, probably due to exhaustion, but last night I woke up a couple of times firstly with a totally dead leg, then with a dead arm. I will be pleased to sleep in my bed again tonight. Good yoga news is that having not done the forward bend in baddha konasana since Wednesday, the back/hip/sacrum pain has eased up a lot.

We had a lovely weekend though. On Friday I sang in a Prom, which went pretty well. My mum and cousin came to watch so we went out afterwards. On Saturday we went to the Tate and saw a couple of exhibitions there, then yesterday we went to the British Museum, then had a lovely Spanish lunch in Bloomsbury (plus a glass of Albarino for me – thanks V!) then we ambled around looking at properties in the streets in which I might like to live. I did eat and drink far too much, for which I shall blame my mother ;-). She doesn’t think I eat enough, and the first thing she did when she saw me was try and decide if I had got any thinner. She just e mailed me now to tell me that she went to Tesco and did some shopping for me before she left this morning…. no idea what she has bought, or if I will actually eat it, but it was a nice thought!

I am feeling like the eternal singleton at work having received and e mail from our senior partner about a dinner in October for one of our members of staff. Guest list includes all the other partners and their spouses and “Clare + ?”. Great, even if I met somebody between now and October I doubt I would put them through the agony of a work dinner… this is almost worse than being a singleton at a wedding… at least weddings are fun. I shall be making polite excuses and not attending.

Right, back to work now!