… I suppose I ought to write something. I am so totally ready for my day in the office to be over, but don’t really need to leave here for another half hour – well unless I want to arrive in Watford half an hour early for rehearsal – which I don’t. I’m hungry too, but can manage for another half hour, can’t I?

Practice yesterday sucked, lots of physical pain from sacrum/piriformis/whatever it flipping well is…. this was accompanied by mental pain from thinking about why it has been hurting for so long. I managed to struggle up to a failed Supta K, then did finishing. H came to talk to me about it after practice, and we have decided that for now there will be no more forward bending in Baddha Konasana, this makes me very happy. That way I can hopefully relieve some of the pain without having my practice suffer.

Today I decided to go to the shala earlier, so arrived at 7 instead of 7.20…. then ended up waiting for half an hour, so ended up in a time deficit, despite getting up and arriving earlier. It was quite a fun wait though as a couple of friends were waiting with me. It was raining yesterday and was really quiet, so obviously all of the ‘lazy yogis’ 😉 (not my expression) came today, making it super full. I did do a super speedy practice and managed to get to the office by 9.30 ish. I don’t like practising that fast though; I subconsciously seem to just take really short breaths, when it would be much better to take fewer slow breaths…..

The new Baddha Konasana approach was reasonably successful, although it seems that my seated alignment in BK is just off. H manipulated my hips and lower back from what I felt was a neutral aligned position to what he said was visually aligned and I felt way off to the right. I didn’t feel uncomfortable in his alignment either, so maybe we have found the root of the problem. Next question – how to work with it?

I hope to get to the shala tomorrow, even though tonight will be a late night. Hopefully caffeine will get me through the day, plus the anticipation of taking Friday as a day off!! HOORRAAAAYYYYYY 😀