Not much to say today. It’s too hot. I have been too hot all day. It’s hot in my flat, it’s hot in the shala and it’s hot in the office, it’s hot on the tube. NO RESPITE. This heat messes with my skin and being constantly on the verge of breaking into a sweat gives me horrible heat rashes 😦

This weekend was really great. I had a fab time out with V and Susan on Saturday. The party was lots of fun and it was so nice to get to talk to people who I see at the shala every day but never speak to.

I thought practice was going to be OK this morning, and it was until ardha baddha padmottanasana when I reallised that my left hip was really stiff. This recurred through seated. H didn’t even try and cross my legs in Supta K, which seemed bizarre as D has spent the last fortnight getting my ankles to cross much higher up. When I got to Baddha Konasana my hips were in total lock down. H told me to relax, but unless it really is a totally subconscouis thing, I really don’t think I was tensing them. Wah. I am wondering if it is related to dancing last night? Must remember to evaluate after next dancing session and see.