An altogether better practice experience this morning, still ridiculously hot and sweaty, but that just happens in the summertime. I was in the spot next to the dreaded end spot, so commiserated with the poor chap who was in it!

Left shoulder is still giving me grief. It’s almost definitely the pushing up into backbends that is doing it, but without a belt keeping my elbows together I can’t seem to stop it. Hmm? My solution would be lots of practice with a belt to stretch it out, but I don’t really have time, particularly as I can’t just practice them from cold.

I am so looking forward to the weekend that I decided to do a touch of shopping at my favorite shoe store at lunchtime I think it’s the only shop at the moment and all of the stuff is really original, and pretty good quality. So, I bought shoes and a handbag 🙂
The bag choice was inspired by V who seems to be able to carry all her possessions and yoga kit in one bag…. I’m not sure I’ll manage it as I usually carry my yogitoes and shower kit with me as I have to shower in the gym, but I’ll give it a go.

Tomorrow is a school friends birthday drinks, her dos are usually pretty good although filled with lawyer types 😉 We were best, best, friends until about 16, went our separate ways for 10 years, then re-connected when she started practicing in the same area of law as me!!!

Saturday is the yoga party, I am a gatecrasher, but don’t think anyone will mind. I still need to sort out my outfit for this, but have a few ideas. Maybe the new shoes, if they haven’t chewed my feet to bits by then!! And something else new….?