I was not being yogic this morning. Things started ok. A spot in the finishing room, which was very peaceful. Got called into main room at the end of sun sals and got stuck in the back corner by the radiator and the open window. Although I felt really sweaty as it is so humid today, I didn’t actually feel warm, probably the draft coming through the window, or too much sweat. At the beginning of seated the person next to me finished and someone else came in. This person was doing a really annoying ujjai, more like sniffs than proper inhalations. They had a good practice so this breathing made no sense. Then I started hearing other conversations going on and the yammer of a Greek voice. From that point on I had totally lost my focus. I ploughed through a few rubbish twists, a pathetic attempt and Navasana, did Supta K, and well done to the assistant for getting me into it today! Didn’t have space for gaba pindasana so quit there.

Things didn’t improve when I got to the gym and realised that I must have left my hair brush in the shala, so I didn’t bother to dry my hair, or put on any make up and stomped to the office looking like Wurzel Gummidge.

The morning did get more amusing when our Receptionist called in the FIRE BRIGADE to open a jammed window. There were three of them and they found it very amusing. Afterwards we regretted not asking for a photo, it was really rather surreal!