Yes, I was too tired for a good practice, but at least I went. I know from past experiences that even when I’m really tired I feel worse for not going.

It was quiet in the shala again, which was nice. It will probably be heaving tomorrow, there is no rhyme or reason to it.

My left shoulder is still playing up, and my wrist a bit too. It hurt for a bit, then stopped, and has now started hurting in the office. It isn’t my mouse hand, so I don’t think it is work related.

I struggled with baddha konasana today, I try and relax into it but D is definitely more forceful than H who lets me take my time. I feel a sensation regularly now, as if my pelvis is clunking apart. It probably isn’t! Backbending was a bit restricted by the sore shoulder, but drop backs were OK, I managed to walk my hands a feet a little closer together and fell as though I was more able to come up under my own steam (this is hypothetical as I was being assisted!)

It was lovely seeing my brother last night, I miss having him in London; he and his friends are fun to hang out with. I have decided to try and visit him in Moscow in September, probably just for a long weekend. I could get my flight with my airmiles, which would be a bonus! It must be before October which is when it starts to get very cold.

I drank beer last night and I don’t think it agrees with me. Having had 5 months without drinking (well maybe 20 units over that period and only ever one at any time) I am really noticing the effects of the alcohol on my body. I didn’t sleep well and was so tired I could hardly get myself out of bed this morning. I do often say this in my blog, but I felt very conscious that these sensations were related to having consumed 2 pints of lager, not just general fatigue. But, can I manage not to drink in the week? It takes real self discipline. It wasn’t a problem at all when the choice was out of my hands, but now it’s just up to me.