I had a lovely practice this morning, which surprised me as I slept badly and didn’t really feel like going to the shala. It was very quiet this morning, lots of space and no waiting, which is a bonus. I just glided through everything without much thought. Had a marvellous Supta K adjust from D, and even felt reasonably happy with back bends. They are getting easier, but as my back frees up, the focus is on my shoulders, and the way my hands seem to turn in to push myself up. I am feeling flexible enough now to try and alter the hand placement once I have pushed up, but it’s not making my shoulders very happy. Dropping back is happening, but it’s still a bit painful on the lumbar spine. I have been trying to work on core strength at home in the evenings, holding myself halfway into a back bend without the lowerback collapsing. I have also been trying to throw in some ustrasana style leg strengtheners as well as stretching the quads in virasana. I have been able to drop back before, so it WILL happen again!