Will nobody leave me alone at work? I get disturbed every two minutes with peoples silly queries. The problem is that I am too nice and will always help people out. I should be mean and nasty, then they might go away. Does that mean the yoga is working or not?

Another good practice today, 4 days in a row now which I am pleased about. I am surprised that today has been as productive as it has been, I only had 5.5 hours sleep as I stayed out later than I had planned dancing. All fun. I feel better today than I did yesterday after 8 hours. How can that be? Back bends still good, even today when it wasn’t particularly sweaty in the shala. I am still endeavouring to take the EFAs and chondroitin, but often forget… ooops.

Anyway, going to do some more work now -fun fun fun. NOT