I have endured a long and boring day at work sitting through many meetings, it feels like a lifetime away that I was at practice this morning!

Anyway, I hardly dare say it as I will jinx it tomorrow, but I think the back bends are getting better. I really like working with D as she pushes me to do more than I would honestly like to, but it is good for me. I have no idea when I will be strong enough and bendy enough to be able to stand back up on my own…. Any suggestions of how to strengthen the legs in order to assist this would be most welcome!

Practice on the whole was nice today. I was slightly tight in the hamstrings and hips, (thanks S 🙂 ) after yesterday, but things seemed to loosen up pretty well, and the stiffness didn’t present any problems during practice. I really enjoyed sitting in pigeon yesterday, so may go and sit in it now, for a while!