Once again, I managed to post yesterdays entry in the wrong place… stupid me!

I am knackered tonight, I don’t usually suffer from slothfullness, but since my active yogic morning I have had a siesta and read my book. I even logged out of all my IM programs so nobody bothered me. I did managed to summon up the energy to make a couple of phonecalls, but generally am just yawning and doing nothing.

I am feeling so lazy that I am wondering if I will have the energy to practice in the morning… yikes.

I did lots of yoga today, at least. Practiced at Susanada’s shala this morning. It’s a nice space and was filled with bright morning sunlight, which was a nice extra for practice. Generally practice was good. My back even complied and bent a bit – yes S, today was a good day! I then did S’s hatha class which was very nice. It’s nice to work on stretching things which don’t get attention in primary 🙂

Now I think it is bed time, hopefully I will wake up full of energy and ready to tackle the week.