Despite continued fatigue, I made it to the shala today. Surely 7 hours is enough, yet this week every morning has been like coming out of a coma – urgh. Tomorrow will be worse. The good news is that the afternoon patching session is cancelled, but the bad news is that it has been scheduled around the concert so tonight’s agenda is rehearsal 6 – 7 , concert 8-9.30, patching 10 – 11. Finishing at 11 will mean getting home at 12, then to bed say 12.30 and sleep between 12.30 and 1. Then get up at 6?! All this is because the prospect of a concert is not enough, there must be a recording of the concert so that more money can be made. We (individuals in the chorus) don’t get paid for it though.

Yoga today was OK, but I really, really, need to let the backbend aggression go. I am actually annoyed before I start them now, in anticipation of them being hard. Ultimately, I do manage them, but they are hard, and I don’t think they should be. I made myself stand up for drop backs, despite wanting to have a childish tantrum and go to the finishing room. Three half and two full drop backs were executed, the second drop wasn’t even that awful. When I push up into back bend my hands always turn inwards, but from drop back I can keep them somewhat straight.

I have made an effort to eat a healthy lunch today and have had a nectarine and superfood salad, unfortunately, I am still starving so may need to go foraging in search of fat, carbs and protein. The desire for healthy is in view of my depleted fruit and veg consumption this week… too much singing and not enough time for proper meals.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Friday and not having to sing, and looking forward to Saturday even more and not having to work. Just need to find something fun to do now.

I am concerned at the decline in the education of British children. It is claimed that more children recognise one of these

than one of these

As well as this alarming fact, the lady who sold me my lunch had to ask me what fruit a nectarine was so she could find it on the till… dear me!