My ‘good worker’ gene has kicked in this morning and I am not going to practice. I had laid all my stuff out last night so that I could get up and go quickly this morning, but after only being in the office from 9.45 – 4.45 yesterday and with today’s 3 hour rehearsal in the afternoon, my conscience is making me go to work early. I’ll be there before 8, so hopefully I will get lots done. There seems to be a perception in my office that I am not that busy, which annoys me. What do these people think I do all day? It particularly grates as one of the people who was deemed to be busy yesterday spent Friday afternoon in their office watching Wimbledon…. Anyway, this is not the place for whinging about work.

Yoga yesterday was OK, nothing to write home about. I don’t like the fact that every practice I have had since I have got back from CA I have been really tired. I actually want to go to the shala and feel energised and ready for my practice, not exhausted and like I have to drag myself though it. Ho Hum. Maybe next week.

After my complaining about choir, I actually quite enjoyed singing last night. It is much more fun to rehearse with the orchestra than just with the chorus. I had spent half of the day at work feeling physically ill due to the stress of having too much to do and not enough time, (I don’t cope well with the feeling of not being in control!) but after an hour of singing I felt fine. I even managed to catch up with a few blogs on my mobile and do half an hour chargeable work in the bits when I wasn’t singing – Result 😀

Now, back to the grindstone. Must try and feed myself properly today. Not having time for a main meal and replacing it with a bag of mini-cheddars is not good – I have done that twice this week 😦