Monday and I are not getting on very well. Humpf. It’s ladies holiday, so no practice today. Usually I would be pleased that it had mostly fallen over the weekend, so I don’t miss much practice, but this week is going to be a bugger for late nights and having time to actually do my job, so some respite from practice might have been nice. Never mind.

Work is doing my head in and the gloomy weather isn’t making me feel much better about things either. At the moment the rest of my colleagues are eating birthday cake downstairs. I endured 5 minutes but then the raucous chatter of too many people in one place started doing my head in.

Tonight I have rehearsal, tomorrow I have rehearsal again, in WATFORD of all places – for overseas readers, this is about 20 miles outside London and inconvenient for absolutely everybody. To get to rehearsal on time I need to be on a train at Euston at 5.24, which really requires me to leave work at least half an hour before hand. On Wednesday and Thursday we have rehearsal 1.15 – 4.15 in the afternoon, before concerts at 8pm…. when do they think we are going to get any work done? I find late nights and early mornings to be incompatible, so either work or yoga will suffer… not sure which yet! The upshot of my lack of enthusiasm about choir is that I am looking for another one. One which doesn’t rehearse so much and maybe has some more interesting people in it too. Perhaps I should do the same about the job 😉