I wrote this yesterday and for the second time recently managed to post it in the wrong place… oops:

I’m not having a great day. I was in the office early as it’s moon day, but have so much to do (who would take a holiday if they knew what would be waiting for them on their return?). I have to leave in half an hour to go rehearse a piece of music I don’t really know and don’t like and don’t have time to learn. We have two concerts at St Paul’s Cathedral next week – urgh.

Work-wise, as well as all my own outstanding work, I am covering for a colleague who is on holiday which is a hassle. One of his client is needy and annoying, they are demanding the impossible from me, wanting it yesterday. I am supposed to brief a US attorney but all I have is a first name, don’t know which firm they work at, about an acquisition that I don’t know about, and draft an assignment and license document for an IP portfolio I don’t actually have yet. Great. This the acquisition of a company, not life or death. Can’t it wait FFS? I am six hours ahead of them, they are all on holiday tomorrow, do they expect me to do it for close of business today – why should I stay in the office till midnight to do it? I resent that I have to do this and that nobody else in the office offers to help.

I also feel guilty as my very hardworking assistant is trying to help by covering some of my work, but I don’t have time to review it with her.

Urgh. I want chocolate. It’s raining.