I was really late to the shala this morning, I faffed for too long getting ready, then there were delays on the tube. I felt agitated when I arrived at the shala so decided I would practice to Navasana, slowly and thoughtfully, rather than rush through the whole of primary.

The slow pace helped me stay calm, but my body was really, really stiff. Not lactic acid muscle pain type stiffness, but real resistance to asana that I don’t normally have a problem with. I was also really dehydrated for no particular reason. I suppose this is a time of adjustment for my body, I guess I must just have to drink more.

Having cut my practice short, I decided to spend some proper time on backbending, but although I went into them with a positive state of mind as I knew I had only done half a practice so was going to have much more strength than usual, my upper back really didn’t budge at all. I can usually push into this stiffness, but not today. I decided to keep faith and try drop backs, the three half way seemed ok, but getting my arms over to the floor was an impossibility today. H suggested that I needed to go back to bed. Urm yes, I would love to… but work calls me.

Ah well…. it’s nearly the weekend.

p.s. V, whilst I still remember, I got the cheque from H – thanks, I had forgotten again 🙂