Yoga was rubbish this morning, I was also rubbish. Far too tired. Too little sleep, only 5 hours. Bloody jet lag, and the sun rising too early and of course, the almost dark moon. Good, I can apportion blame and clear my own lazy conscience! Friday is another asana day!

At the moment I have a reasonably quiet weekend, but knowing me I’ll fill it with activities for fear of getting bored. I was talking with V over lunch about self restoration and detoxification after 5 months on poisonous medication; I assume sleep is also required to do this properly too. Umm, I’ll try and stay in on Sunday night, maybe, right? Anyway, the plan is to take lots of EFAs and drink water, don’t drink much alcohol and generally be nice to myself.

I want to have time to read blogs but work is hectic, plus I have been rehearsing, and now I NEED MY BED!