I woke up at 4.50 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I feel TIRED now.

I went to the shala just after 8 and it was hot and humid. It’s a totally different kind of heat from CA and this morning it felt humid and a bit suffocating. Even with the windows open the air doesn’t really feel like it is flowing around the room very much. The advantage in CA was that you could have lots of fresh air coming in and maintain the temperature. Oh well, I was spoiled for a couple of weeks, but I’ll get over it! It was nice being back though, although my practice was a bit sucky as I felt tired.

H agreed to go easy on me in Baddha Konasana, and humoured me when I told him, before I had started, that it hurt already. He joked that it hurts me just thinking about it, before I even get to the shala, which got a giggle from my neighbours!

I got a bit frustrated with the backbends today. I realised last night that it has been 6 months since I got the whole of primary, and that I started drop backs shortly after, yet I haven’t made any progress at all (H disagrees on the progress thing). Every day it hurts as much as the day before and I lie on the floor wondering if I can do the first one, then trying to summon up the strength to do the second, then try and eek out a third. I can’t think of anything else in my practice that hasn’t improved over a 6 month period. Boo

I can’t believe it’s moonday again on Thursday, how did that happen so fast? I would have gone to the shala yesterday if I had realised!