July 2008

Not much to say today. It’s too hot. I have been too hot all day. It’s hot in my flat, it’s hot in the shala and it’s hot in the office, it’s hot on the tube. NO RESPITE. This heat messes with my skin and being constantly on the verge of breaking into a sweat gives me horrible heat rashes 😦

This weekend was really great. I had a fab time out with V and Susan on Saturday. The party was lots of fun and it was so nice to get to talk to people who I see at the shala every day but never speak to.

I thought practice was going to be OK this morning, and it was until ardha baddha padmottanasana when I reallised that my left hip was really stiff. This recurred through seated. H didn’t even try and cross my legs in Supta K, which seemed bizarre as D has spent the last fortnight getting my ankles to cross much higher up. When I got to Baddha Konasana my hips were in total lock down. H told me to relax, but unless it really is a totally subconscouis thing, I really don’t think I was tensing them. Wah. I am wondering if it is related to dancing last night? Must remember to evaluate after next dancing session and see.


It’s a lovely day and I’m on my way to meet Susananda and V. Most excitingly, I saw a real genuine shiba on the way to the station!!

I love this, thanks Jenna!

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I am feeling quite pleased with myself having managed to do five consecutive days again!! I usually have some evening or work engagement that keeps me away from the shala at least one a week.

Practice was OK, I can’t say I notice an awful lot of difference when I do more consecutive sessions. In fact all I do really notice is that the piriformis pain can get a lot worse if I get strong adjusts on a daily basis. I actually dreamt last night that I could just bend forward and effortlessly put my head on the floor. I recalled this to D who gave me a very strong adjust to prove that I could do it, but I don’t think it counts when 20 kilos of force must be applied to get there!

Anyway, I’m on countdown to weekend now… just the afternoon at work to go!

An altogether better practice experience this morning, still ridiculously hot and sweaty, but that just happens in the summertime. I was in the spot next to the dreaded end spot, so commiserated with the poor chap who was in it!

Left shoulder is still giving me grief. It’s almost definitely the pushing up into backbends that is doing it, but without a belt keeping my elbows together I can’t seem to stop it. Hmm? My solution would be lots of practice with a belt to stretch it out, but I don’t really have time, particularly as I can’t just practice them from cold.

I am so looking forward to the weekend that I decided to do a touch of shopping at my favorite shoe store at lunchtime www.katekanzier.com. I think it’s the only shop at the moment and all of the stuff is really original, and pretty good quality. So, I bought shoes and a handbag 🙂
The bag choice was inspired by V who seems to be able to carry all her possessions and yoga kit in one bag…. I’m not sure I’ll manage it as I usually carry my yogitoes and shower kit with me as I have to shower in the gym, but I’ll give it a go.

Tomorrow is a school friends birthday drinks, her dos are usually pretty good although filled with lawyer types 😉 We were best, best, friends until about 16, went our separate ways for 10 years, then re-connected when she started practicing in the same area of law as me!!!

Saturday is the yoga party, I am a gatecrasher, but don’t think anyone will mind. I still need to sort out my outfit for this, but have a few ideas. Maybe the new shoes, if they haven’t chewed my feet to bits by then!! And something else new….?

I was not being yogic this morning. Things started ok. A spot in the finishing room, which was very peaceful. Got called into main room at the end of sun sals and got stuck in the back corner by the radiator and the open window. Although I felt really sweaty as it is so humid today, I didn’t actually feel warm, probably the draft coming through the window, or too much sweat. At the beginning of seated the person next to me finished and someone else came in. This person was doing a really annoying ujjai, more like sniffs than proper inhalations. They had a good practice so this breathing made no sense. Then I started hearing other conversations going on and the yammer of a Greek voice. From that point on I had totally lost my focus. I ploughed through a few rubbish twists, a pathetic attempt and Navasana, did Supta K, and well done to the assistant for getting me into it today! Didn’t have space for gaba pindasana so quit there.

Things didn’t improve when I got to the gym and realised that I must have left my hair brush in the shala, so I didn’t bother to dry my hair, or put on any make up and stomped to the office looking like Wurzel Gummidge.

The morning did get more amusing when our Receptionist called in the FIRE BRIGADE to open a jammed window. There were three of them and they found it very amusing. Afterwards we regretted not asking for a photo, it was really rather surreal!

Yes, I was too tired for a good practice, but at least I went. I know from past experiences that even when I’m really tired I feel worse for not going.

It was quiet in the shala again, which was nice. It will probably be heaving tomorrow, there is no rhyme or reason to it.

My left shoulder is still playing up, and my wrist a bit too. It hurt for a bit, then stopped, and has now started hurting in the office. It isn’t my mouse hand, so I don’t think it is work related.

I struggled with baddha konasana today, I try and relax into it but D is definitely more forceful than H who lets me take my time. I feel a sensation regularly now, as if my pelvis is clunking apart. It probably isn’t! Backbending was a bit restricted by the sore shoulder, but drop backs were OK, I managed to walk my hands a feet a little closer together and fell as though I was more able to come up under my own steam (this is hypothetical as I was being assisted!)

It was lovely seeing my brother last night, I miss having him in London; he and his friends are fun to hang out with. I have decided to try and visit him in Moscow in September, probably just for a long weekend. I could get my flight with my airmiles, which would be a bonus! It must be before October which is when it starts to get very cold.

I drank beer last night and I don’t think it agrees with me. Having had 5 months without drinking (well maybe 20 units over that period and only ever one at any time) I am really noticing the effects of the alcohol on my body. I didn’t sleep well and was so tired I could hardly get myself out of bed this morning. I do often say this in my blog, but I felt very conscious that these sensations were related to having consumed 2 pints of lager, not just general fatigue. But, can I manage not to drink in the week? It takes real self discipline. It wasn’t a problem at all when the choice was out of my hands, but now it’s just up to me.

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