I am back home, I popped a sleeping pill on the flight and slept for 7 hours, arriving back in London at 5pm. I ended up going to bed far too late as I wasn’t tired, so then didn’t even try and set my alarm for yoga this morning. Instead I went into work for 8, thinking I would leave early, but ended up walking out at 7pm…. the joy of being back.

I’ll practice tomorrow, but not until 8 or so, give myself some time to wake up!

It’s nice being at home so that I can prepare my own food again. Eating well when travelling can be difficult. When eating every meal ‘out’ and where vegetarians are often only graced with one option, finding a healthy meal can be hard. Even when it looks healthy on the menu, it is hard to predict what you are actually going to get, and in the US particularly, it is likely that the portion served to you will be at least twice the size of the same meal had you prepared it yourself!