I am blogging by the pool in the sunshine, it’s lovely. Looking around pretty much everybody by this pool has a laptop out…. really this is a bad sign, obviously none of us can actually escape from reality to take a proper holiday!! Anyway, I am staying in a hotel where our room/suite is bigger than my apartment at home and it’s gorgeous, even if I have checked my work email from here.

I practiced at Tim’s this morning, then drove back up the coast to LA, had a lovely lunch and got my nails done – cannot practice yet again with fingers and toes looking so awful.

Tim’s was fun, really busy as TT is on, but very light-hearted (I am not sure that is quite the right way to describe it, but I think you know what I mean). I got some great adjustments, and yet another take on how to do Baddha Konasana. My left hip is so stiff at the moment that BK is difficult, it’s not hurting so much now, but that may be just because I am not going into it that far due to mental blockages.

I actually managed to get some decent backbending done this mornign, but left out dropbacks as I wasn’t sure I trusted any of the people in the close vicinity (T excluded from this, he was busy doing other things). I did get some great drop backs yesterday though, so I’ll cling on to those memories. V, on your recommendation I ate at Honeys, I didn’t have pancakes, but my friend did – thanks for the recommendation 😀

Tomorrow I will practice at the OWL shala, only 2.6 miles from my hotel, or 6 minutes drive (according to Google Maps). Hooray, my hotels have worked out well, never more than 15 minutes away from a Mysore practice – HOORAY.

Right, now I am checking out for a little sun time!