I have made the title of this entry reflect how I am feeling today, rather than the feelings towards my practice yesterday, which were slightly frustrated!

I did the led primary again yesterday morning, and although generally it felt easier than last week – probably because I hadn’t just stepped off the plane from a 12 hour flight, I felt rather frustrated. Firstly, I couldn’t really roll over my toes after my sun-lounger incident, this meant that my up dog wasn’t right and my back just wasn’t open at all for back bending. It will get better, I remain optimistic!

The amusing experience for me was during the sun salutations. The teacher from the previous days vinyasa class was practicing with us, and was almost directly in front of me. During SNB she actually came out of downdog to try and adjust my errant shoulders. All teachers try and do something with them when they first teach me, but usually give up. I maintain than it is anatomical as even after having an (at least) 5 day a week practice for the last 2.5 years they haven’t changed one bit, unlike other areas of practice. It must have been really bugging her!

Today I am leaving San Diego and heading up to Carlsbad, solely so that I can practice there. This evening there is only a beginners class, which I don’t think I will go to, but there is a led primary or a Mysore session I can go to tomorrow, then a Mysore session on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to it.

Now I must had off and pack my stuff up, joy…

Spotted at Balboa Park yesterday – is this a Shiba?