The conference is over and I am officially on holiday now, HOORRRAAAAYYYY!! Again it is beautiful sunny weather, and today I am going exploring with my friend from Uni, who is now a local in San Diego. I am really looking forward to it.

I started my day with a very, very sweaty vinyasa class, it was 81 in the room before we started, so, being unaccustomed to the temperature, I was totally drenched after about 5 minutes. It was good fun though, we focussed on hip opening but did lots of fun balances too, including pincha which I can just about do (with the wall for security). I cannot even try karanda because I am a million miles from being able to get into lotus unassisted. Annoying tight hips. Yesterday I managed to pull a sun-lounger over my big-toe and take a bit chunk of skin off it; that made jumping back and rolling over the toes rather painful. I probably looked like a total spaz, which is always great when practicing with a teacher for the first time! Never mind.

The other students at Infinite are really friendly and stopped to chat after class. That rarely happens in London. People over here are just more friendly in general, which makes for a much more fun time as a tourist.

Have a happy weekend everyone!