I am loving being here in San Diego, but I am resenting the fact that I am having to do work this evening. This week is not a holiday, so it is my own fault that I have to work now, because I spent the day shopping and doing yoga…. I’m still feeling a bit jetlagged and am tired now, even though it’s only 8.30pm. That doesn’t help.

So, I failed to practice aparigraha and bought a new handbag, which I did need, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Never mind, it will get me through the conference. I bought a cardigan and a pair of jeans in Gap, just because they are comparatively cheap, what you get for £s at home you get for the same number of $s here.

The Mysore session at IY was at 4 this afternoon, and it was interesting to go and Mysore in a shala that isn’t my own. The 4pm start time made it pretty quiet so I could enjoy a nice roomy practice with arms wide open and swan diving all the way though my Suryas. Nice. I think there were probably 8 of us practicing, so I also got quite a lot of attention, and it is interesting to be adjusted by a new set of hands. T was very firm with his adjusts, which was good. It is also nice to practice in the afternoon, from a flexibility perspective, as everything just moves so much better. It is not so nice to practice only a few hours after lunch, especially as I am used to practicing before breakfast. Oh well, it’s was just a once off. T spent lots of time going through backbending with me. He watched me closely then had me do some backbends with a block between my thighs to encourage me to squeeze trough the hip flexors and lengthen the lower spine. I think it helped and by the time it came to dropping back, I think i had learned something! I hope I can practice there again before I leave here, although I won’t be able to do the morning Mysore as it starts too late (6.30) or you could say the conference starts too early (8.15). Which ever, I need to be disciplined enough to practice at the hotel tomorrow, not sure whether to try and practice in the gym or just in my room.