I have arrived. I am totally exhausted but am forcing myself to stay awake. 11 hours on the plane, then faffing around in the airport at LA, waiting for luggage, looking for ATM, finding ATM, finding my card didn’t work (Damn, forgot to tell bank I was going to be in the US), finding bus to car rental, waiting at car rental place then driving for 2 hours…. YAWN

My hotel seems nice, I (work) paid an extra $25 per night for a harbour view – I can see lots of boats and the bridge over to Coronado. I’m on the 35th floor!

I am finding it hard to muster up the energy to leave my room, but there looks to be a footpath around the marina thing that I could walk around, which might kill half an hour and get me some fresh air before bed! I’ve found a yoga studio about 1.5 miles from the hotel, which does a led primary class tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably do that. It seems to have a couple of morning Mysores Tues / Thurs, and afternoon Mysore Monday / Weds too. I had considered driving over to Encinitas, but the idea of spending more time in a vehicle tomorrow doesn’t appeal!

Is it moonday in CA on Weds like London? Sometimes they seem to be different…