I’m not sure how many times I have used the word gorgeous today, but wow, this place truly is. It’s so great that I am not sure why I am wasting my precious time typing now, but anyway….

I was awake just before 5 this morning, which wasn’t too bad. There was fog over the water, but it has cleared into a brilliant afternoon.

I went off to Infinite yoga this morning for a lead primary class. The teacher is a Brit, which was nice, and of course knows H. Although I didn’t believe it possible, I sweated even more here than I do in our lovely little shala in London. It was good fun though as I have never done a counted class before. When do I ever hold headstand or ulthpluthi for 25 breaths.. ???? :-S

Now I can’t decide between sitting by the pool, getting some lunch and reading, or getting out and about and trying to see things. I might save the seeing things till tomorrow when my friend, who arrives this afternoon, will be recuperated and ready to explore.

Ahh, the joy of it all. Isn’t it amazing what a little sunshine does?!