The last few days have been work, work, work, but I am on top of things and hope and cross fingers and toes that I will be able to walk out of the office calmly at say 5pm…. hmmm.

I need to pack tomorrow night, because (of course) I haven’t managed to think about it yet. Right now I am doing a load of laundry which will be done in about 40 minutes, so I can’t go to bed till then. In a minute I am going to start checking that the appliances I need for my journey are charged up.

I’m getting used to the macbook, but got quite frustrated yesterday until I realised that things don’t always ‘show’ when they have launched, they just appear in the top bar… anyway, I am getting there. If anyone out there knows how to install Windows live messenger on one, I would appreciate your input. I found it on mactopia, but couldn’t work out how to install it? I need it to keep my mothers worries at bay – that or spend a fortune on phonecalls.

I will be back at the shala tomorrow, and am looking forward to it.

Oh and yes, I am going to California in 36 hours time – YIPPEEEEE šŸ˜€