I should be in bed, it’s far too late to be up and on the Internet… I have been exhausted all day too. I stayed up until 4.30am on Saturday and still haven’t caught up on the missing sleep yet. It looks like tonight isn’t the night to be catching up with it either. Saturday night was lots of fun though, I went to a cool blues bar with lots of live music and interesting people in it. It did mean that I didn’t wake up in time to practice on Sunday.

Today practice was uncomfortable, right side piriformis pain is bad. I gave up on back-bending as I just couldn’t deal with pain in my back too. My brain prevented my arms from pushing me upwards.

Ladies holiday now – bad timing as it means that I will be out of the shala for most of this month, but good in that I can have a few early mornings at work instead. Although it is unlikely that tomorrow will be an early one as it is nearly half past midnight….