I feel totally overloaded and disorganised. I still have the million and one things to do at work, I did get quite a lot done yesterday, but I have all these little bits and pieces which I just forget about all the time. Plus, I have to make sure everything is covered when I am away for 2 weeks… although I will be working whilst I am there. Went and bought a Macbook Air to take with me, it’s light and slim, but not all that small, especially once you have packed all of the cables too. I have spent an hour or so playing with it, but am not very familiar with Mac. Hopefully I’ll figure it out rather than get very frustrated!

Practice was OK today, piriformis is still hurtning, but H can adjust ‘around it’ so to speak, and todays BK didn’t make it worse. I was just tired. I had another late night after going to see Sex and the City; that film is really, really long. I lost concentration after about 40 minutes, my bum was screaming at me by about an hour, yet on it went for another hour and 20 minutes. It was OK but a bit too clichéd and romantic for me. The message seemed to be that ‘happily ever after‘ involves being married, or whatever, and that being single is miserable. Whatever. The clothes are fab though. I also want my builder to bespoke the cupboard Carrie has in her living room at the end of the film…

I have made the mistake of agreeing to go paint-balling tomorrow, what was I thinking? It’s outside London so I have an early start, then meeting another friend in the evening. Out for birthday drinks tonight. I’m singing a couple of nights next week, so Sunday is my final chance to get organised for San Diego. I don’t even think I have a suitable suitcase. I always travel with a backpack, but somehow that doesn’t seem right for a business trip and rucksacks aren’t ideal for carrying expensive suits…. oh, what to do?

Right, must go out and buy birthday cards, then chain myself back to the desk.