It is a beautiful sunny day outside today, but I am in a bad mood.

I am just over tired. I got back late from the gig last night, and didn’t get to bed till about 12.30. When my alarm went off I decided to go back to bed. Prirformis is still hurting (if I need an excuse, which I don’t) and the trains were buggered. I went back to bed, set my alarm for two hours later. Alarm went off, rolled over, dragged myself up, then realised that I had actually dreamed the second alarm and I had only been back in bed for 45 minutes. I got up at that point anyway, went on internet, found ex had tagged a horrible photo of me on facebook – thanks.

Now I’m in the office, have loads and loads to do, my secretary isn’t in and has yet to call and speak to me and a colleague is demanding the stupid and impossible. A button has come off my expensive new dress, my underwear is uncomfortable, my shoes have eaten holes in my toes so I have been out in trainers. My kitchen cupboard doors still aren’t in stock after almost 2 months…. I think I’ll stop there.

The crazy thing is that I know if I had bothered to go to the shala I would probably feel a whole load better…. grrr