I didn’t sleep well last night, for the third night in a row. In the evening I feel really tired, go to bed, then don’t sleep. I then wake loads in the night and finally get up in the morning feeling totally un-rested. I feel really un-relaxed. I don’t think I am stressed, and incidentally, I had my blood pressure read yesterday and that was normal, so no indication of stress there. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I will have a late night as I am going to a gig in North London with a friend. I don’t know the band, but I generally enjoy live music, so it should be OK.

This morning the shala was suffering from post-moonday rush. I arrived a little later than usual, circa 7.30 having chased around trying to find a working cashpoint and found 8 people waiting in front of me. I waited a while, don’t know how long as I wasn’t looking, then had to do all of standing in the finishing room. I could only practice up to Navasana before I had to leave, then still got to work 15 minutes late. Oops. That is definitely the busiest I have ever seen the shala.

The piriformis pain has really flared up on the right hand side, which until now has been totally pain free. It is as bad as the left side was when it first started up. I am getting stabbing pains coming out of most of the seated asana. Damn. Hopefully it will clear up :-S