I hardly slept last night. I don’t know why. I should have slept well having got up early for practice, cycled about 10 miles, shopped and spent 2.5 hours dancing. I think maybe I had done too much and my brain didn’t want to switch off. I was awake before my alarm, so got up and pottered around the flat. It’s quite nice taking my time rather than the usual jumping out of bed and running out of the door. I even had time for a cup of tea – ahh, simple pleasures.

I had an ashtanga ‘ahhh’ moment this morning when jumping though. I realised that if I engaged some muscles at the top of my arms and around my shoulders I have more room to fit my feet through. The same muscles that I use for ultpluthi, I suppose. I have been able to do straight leg jump throughs for a while, but realised that I slightly lifted the left hand to make space, so stopped doing them, except when jumping into Navasana. If I remember on Wednesday, I might try them again.

I’m so pleased it’s moon day tomorrow – a lie in – hooray!