Making an effort to write my blog isn’t just for you readers, but also for me. I love the fact that I now have two years of entries that I can look back on. Not only do they document my yoga but also my general state of mind. Even if I haven’t written in detail about many aspects of my life, my blog entries work as a prompt for me to remember what else was going on.

At the moment, I am not really enjoying being at my computer, I’d rather be doing things, or doing nothing as I am sort-of doing today. It has been a me day, but I have been busy. I have had phone calls with my friend with whom I am going to San Diego, then my mother who has just come back from holiday. I have had a mammoth shopping session, spending far too much money on new work clothes, the excuse being the need for summer work clothes for the conference. I was also so tempted by a pair of shoes, a beautiful cream croc-leather, with pointed toes and a bright yellow kitten heel. They were blissfully comfortable, but I didn’t even dare look at the price. I suspect I will end up buying them in the next week or so, but I am trying not to buy too much as I am excited at the prospect of shopping in the US!

Practice yesterday was quite a speedy affair, I was running a little late, and practicing next to someone who was going through the poses at a breakneck speed, which seemed to influence my speed too. Back bends were rough again, although I did make an effort. I have been reading Gregor Maehlers section on backbending this evening, I hope I can pick up some tips.

Today I bought a yogitoes towel and have washed it twice, as instructed, and hope it will be dry for practice tomorrow. The packaging tells me that sport training can result in serious of fatal injury… oh dear – is ashtanga that dangerous?!!